COR Performance Whey
Brand: Cellucor
Category: Protein Powders
Cellucor COR-Performance Whey delivers pure whey protein, packed with quality, in each and every scoop for lean muscle gain, recovery and performance benefits. Cellucor Whey features a blend of 100% whey concentrate and isolates with a solid 25 grams of protein per serve, minimal fats and carbs with the added benefits of digestive enzymes. Cellucor Whey Protein mixes perfectly and tastes amazing. Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Features: Premium Whey Isolates and Concentrates 25 grams of protein A massive 5.5 grams of BCAA's per serve Added digestive enzymes COR-Performance Whey is currently available in 6 amazing flavours so you will never get sick of the same old protein shake. There is a reason why this is one of the biggest selling whey proteins on the market today, if you haven't tried it be sure to put this on the list you are due to restock.