Platinum Hydrowhey
Category: Protein Powders
Platinum Hydrowhey is our most advanced whey protein. This whey is as pure as it gets! What Does It Do? Platinum Hydrowhey contains a single-source protein composed entirely of hydrolysed whey protein isolates. Isolates are the purest form of whey protein with no excess fat, cholesterol, or lactose. Hydrolysing the isolates breaks the larger proteins down into smaller pieces for quicker absorption. Each 140 calorie shake delivers 30 g of pure whey protein and 8.8 g of naturally occurring and added BCAAs. When Is The Best Time To Enjoy My Shake? Platinum Hydrowhey tastes great and is best enjoyed first thing in the morning, before or immediately after training. Simply mix one rounded scoop with your favourite beverage and drink in an ON shaker.