Crossfire Protein
Brand: Horleys
Category: Protein Powders
Crossfire Protein BEST FOR: Supporting gym-goers and sports-people with regular fitness and exercise programmes, for sustained energy, muscle recovery and lean muscle mass maintenance. Plus off-season bodybuilding muscle mass maintenance, and weight management diets that include high protein and moderate carbs. A complete protein supplement that supports a broad range of body functions, it’s the perfect all-purpose maintenance protein blend for nutritional and physiological needs. With a high quality proprietary blend of three superior types of protein to optimise anti-catabolic protection (to retain your hard-earned muscle tissue) and ensure sustained muscle recovery. Pure WPI and WPC provide fast absorption for immediate recovery support, while slower release Casein supports sustained muscle recovery. Boosted with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, you have all the nutrients you need to saturate the metabolic pathways involved in muscle synthesis and support general physiological health. Lean muscle gains Weight management Sustained release 3-Protein blend WPI, WPC, and Casein Gluten Free