Brand: Horleys
Category: Mass Gainers
HUGE Heavyweight Growth Enhancer Accelerated Weight Gain: Specially formulated for maximum calorie density and with extra vitamins and minerals to support healthy gains. 450cal per serve. BEST FOR: hard- or slow-gainers, ectomorphs, younger trainers with high metabolic demands, support for intensive bodybuilding growth phases. High quality, calorie-rich carbohydrate and protein composition for optimal weight gains – designed specifically for those who are naturally skinny and struggle to gain weight. Delivers essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients offering additional nutritional support for healthy weight gain, your immune system and bone health. With Whey Protein Concentrate to feed muscle tissue growth Easy to digest carbs for sustained energy release and healthy weight gain Essential vitamins and minerals – 5x B vitamins, antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, and Vitamin D to support bone health