Awesome Mass Gainer
Brand: Horleys
Category: Mass Gainers
Awesome Mass Specialised mass-gainer that's loaded with nutrients. BEST FOR: increasing weight, size and strength gains, enhanced training recovery, supporting weight graded sports, maintaining body weight and sizing up. Protein, carb and fats to support muscle gain training programmes, sizing-up phases, weight maintenance or off-season gains for weight-graded sport. High nutrient and calorie content to support workout performance and recovery from intense training and energy expenditure. Specific micronutrients like yeast and lecithin also support immune function, digestive health and physiological wellbeing. Contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to boost Awesome Mass’s calorie density. MCTs offer rapid and efficient absorption and metabolism, without compromising heart health. Contains Full Spectrum Whey Protein Concentrate 35g Carbs per serve 3g Creatine per serve 1.5g Glutamine per serve Micronutrients, incl nutritional Yeast and Lecithin MCTs