Whey Protein
Brand: Shotgun
Category: Protein Powders
Looking for an affordable, great-tasting whey protein that has everything you need to build lean muscle and boost your performance in the gym? Want it at a great price too? We’ve got the perfect answer – Shotgun Whey. Now available with exciting new packaging, our very own protein is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants top quality at a low price. WHY CHOOSE SHOTGUN WHEY: • Great taste in both milk and water • 4 delicious flavours • Convenient resealable bag for maximum freshness • Mixes fast and with no clumping • Superb value for money • Made in New Zealand SHOTGUN WHEY FEATURES: • Micro closs flow • Cold-filtered • Low carbohydrate • Also available in 1kg size Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned pro, Shotgun Whey is an ideal choice for your next protein (and we reckon you’ll keep coming back for more!). Grab yourself a bag today, and get ready for great taste, top quality, and low prices.