Natural Daily Protein Shake
Brand: Nutra-Life
Category: Protein Powders
Why use NATURAL DAILY PROTEIN? This all natural, 100% whey protein, low carb and high protein shake is great tasting and naturally sweetened with Stevia. Sourced from New Zealand cows which are free from growth hormones and fed a diet that includes rich, green New Zealand pasture. Protein is an essential macronutrient that performs a range of important functions in your body, including helping you to feel full and supporting healthy weight management. Each easy-mixing, great-tasting 30g serve provides more than 24g of protein and only 123 calories per serve. Mix Natural Daily Protein with 200ml of water and shake or blend well. You can also add to other foods to increase the protein content. For a delicious smoothie blend with yoghurt, milk of your choice, ice and fresh or frozen berries. Recommended for: Supporting healthy weight management Helping individuals feel fuller for longer Weight and carb conscious individuals, active adults, athletes and team sport competitors High in protein for those needing to support tissues and muscle building and repair