Brand: Shotgun
Category: Protein Powders
Shotgun Casein provides a high quality, competitively priced option for anyone in need of a slow release protein. Thanks to its slow digestion rate, casein is the ultimate choice to slowly drip feed your muscles with a steady flow of amino acids throughout the day, or during the night if taken before bed. The slow rate which casein absorbs is the opposite of your normal whey protein supplement. Whey digests rapidly, making the effects short lived. If you are in need of anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) assistance, then casein’s slow, drip feeding style digestion rate will help ensure that your muscles are constantly supported and primed for growth! Features: •Slow release Protein •Anti Catabolic- preserves muscle tissue •Supports Muscle Growth •Aids Muscle Recovery •Can be consumed throughout the day, or before bed This delicious, great value option will impress you with its flavour profile and easy mixing. Each serve contains a generous 24.7g of casein protein. Shotgun Supplements recommends Shotgun Casein as ideal for promoting night time growth and anti-catabolic support. It is also a great option to take before setting out in the morning to keep your muscles well fueled throughout the day if you struggle to set aside time for protein rich meals. Order your bag today!