Massive Protein
Brand: Shotgun
Category: Mass Gainers
If you have been training for months with the hopes to build muscle and just arn’t getting anywhere, you may be a “hard gainer” who will benefit from Shotgun Massive Protein. This mass gainer protein powder delivers the high quality aminos, calories and nutrients which your body requires to create a more anabolic environment that will promote intense muscle gains. Shotgun Massive Protein contains an impressive nutrient profile with a specific dose of protein, carbohydrates and training enhancing ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, taurine, and a vast array of vitamins for quality growth and recovery. If you’re tired of not making the gains you want, investing in Shotgun Massive Protein is an absolute must! Shotgun supplements highly recommends Massive Protein to any “hard gainer” individuals who have a very high metabolism, or highly active individuals who struggle to consume adequate calories and protein throughout the day to meet their muscle building requirements. This high quality, well priced option will leave you thoroughly impressed and coming back for more. WHY CHOOSE SHOTGUN MASSIVE: • Packed with quality calories • Promote muscle growth and size gains • Support post-workout recovery • Great tasting • Incredible value SHOTGUN MASSIVE FEATURES: • Mass gainer • Contains creatine monohydrate, glutamine & vitamins • Over 40 servings per pack