Lean Protein
Brand: Shotgun
Category: Protein Powders
Protein powders aren't just about bulking up, they can also be incredibly beneficial when it comes to cutting, toning and getting stronger. Sometimes, however a 'basic' protein powder doesn't cut it. This is where Shotgun Lean Protein comes in. Shotgun Lean Protein is stacked with not only a generous serving of protein but popular ingredients that can aid in weight management and metabolism such as Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea extract. It doesn't stop there though, Shotgun Lean protein also contains some caffeine & citrus aurantium extract, which are both powerful metabolic boosters. Not only this but they can help boost energy levels throughout the day,potentially making your weight-loss journey all the easier. B Vitamins are also included in Shotgun lean as these are vital to maintaining energy levels and also aid in the crash that is sometimes associated with stimulants. SHOTGUN LEAN FEATURES: -Lean Protein formula - Perfect for cutting & toning -Contains ingredients to aid in appretite suppression -Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium for energy -Bioperene for maximum absorption -L-Carnitine for fat metabolism -Delicious Taste Shotgun Lean Protein is ideal for hardcore gym-goers and casual trainers alike but at a fraction of the price of similar products. Grab a bag and try it for yourself!