Brand: MuscleTech
Category: Creatine
Muscletech Creactor is a creatine supplement that features 120 Serves with a delcious tasting flavor profile and no loading necessary. Idea for males & females who want a Premium Creatine supplement without the need to take it everday. Muscletech Creactor features: No bloating Creatine formula Only need to use it on training days, you can however take it everyday if you wish Amazing taste profile Good value for money Supports muscle growth and recovery No Loading or cycling needed like other creatine products Muscletech Creactor is a clinically stuided advance creatine which delivers an amazing tasting product with a micro-dose of creatine HCI in which each serving delivers 750 MG of ultra pure 100% Creatine Hydrochloride (Creatine-HCI) plus an additional 750mg of Free Acid Creatine which is free from acids and salts I.E the purest form of creatine, according to muscletech this is a powerful never seen before ratio of creatine molcules which delivers an amazing creatine experiance. Muscletech Creactor Creatine HCI is perfect for those who are supplementing Protein powder and looking on taking there training to the next level as most would suggest creatine is the second most effective supplement behind protein powder, as it's one of the most studied supplements in the industy.