Original Mass Gainer
Brand: Balance
Category: Mass Gainers
SCIENCE Balance Original Mass Gainer Protein is an advanced muscle gainer loaded with the Balance Heavy Duty Protein Stack of slow, medium and fast absorbing proteins. This formula is ideal for ‘hard trainers’, those in bulking phase or those seeking to gain lean muscle. It contains roughly even proportions of protein and carbohydrates to support maximum muscle growth. How does Balance Original Mass Gainer Protein provide the ideal nutrients for your muscle and weight gain needs? IT CONTAINS: HDPS* A matrix of proteins to support optimal weight gain and muscle growth Whey proteins, soy isolates and caseinates. Amino Acids High in Branched Chain Amino Acids: Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine for muscle mass maintenance and to replace those lost during intense exercise. BENEFITS Maximum Lean Muscle Growth and Recovery Heavy Duty Protein Stack or Multiple Protein Sources Including WPI and WPC Supports Muscle Growth with Glutamine, Vitamins and Minerals Supports Protein Absorption with Digestive Enzymes Post workout Muscle Recovery Carbohydrate that absorbs at different rates Post Work Out Muscle Recovery Mixes Easily- Tastes Great No Artificial Sweeteners