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Metaphysics MCT Oil (medium chain triglyceride oil) is an ideal fat and energy source during high protein, low carb pre-competition diets, to help provide extra energy, with muscle sparing and fat loss benefits. MCT enter the bloodstream as medium chain free fatty acids and become rapidly available to the body as a source of energy, through mimicking the function of a carb. MCT’s have been shown to promote caloric thermogenesis, and helpful aid to people trying to lose weight. Features: •Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil •Immediate Energy Source •Mimics function of Carbs •Muscle Sparing Benefits •Supports Weight Loss •Encourage Caloric Thermogenesis •Supports High Protein / Low Carb Diets •Good for Hardgainers / Ectomorphs Ectomorphs and Hardgainers may find Metaphysics MCT’s useful when trying to add mass, as each tablespoon provides approx 115 calories, to help add valuable calories to meals, without the unwanted side effects of other fat molecules, such as fat storage. Metaphysics MCT Oil is suitable for athletes looking for a fast energy source during times of low carb dieting, and for hardgainers / ectomorphs who need extra healthy calories to support gains, without adding body fat. When to use MCT Oil: With High protein, low carb pre-competition diets Adding additional calories for weight gain Add to protein shakes to increase calorie content Each Tablespoon (15ml) of MCT Oil provides 115 calories