Protein Cookie (64g)
Brand: Justine's
Category: Bars & Snacks
Justine's consider their Complete Protein Cookie as the most nutritious cookie around as it caters to a vast customer base ranging from wheat, gluten intolerant, diabetics, weight conscious, fibre and calcium seekers, people on the go (acts as a meal replacer) including mums, corporates and perfect for kids. As the cookie is high in both protein, fibre and calcium it is excellent for elderly people. Justine's Complete Protein Cookie: High Protein (approx. 25%) Low Carb High Calcium Low GI characteristics Excellent source of fibre (RDI 30-40g) High quality ingredients Healthy omega fats from almonds Natural sweetener Erythritol which aids the digestive system Individually wrapped cookie – for freshness & hygiene 9 months shelf life – no preservatives. A baked, indulgent product - Not just a protein bar shaped as a cookie