CT Fletcher Rapid Test
Brand: iSatori
Category: Test Boosters
iSatori CT Fletcher Rapid-Test is a rapid release testosterone booster for serious Iron Addicts who want to dominate every workout, set, and rep. Highlights: Test Subjects Increased Test in Just 10 Hours Full Clinically Researched Dosing of Key Ingredients Anti-Estrogen Properties Designed for Demanding CT Fletcher Iron Addicts STRENGTH When it comes to strength, building muscle, and cranking up mojo, testosterone is KING! Rapid-Test delivers industry-leading increases in both total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone. MUSCLE TESTOSURGE™, the lead ingredient, shown to increase test 300% in human trials and bioavailable test by 220% vs. subjects using placebo! Testosterone is a key metabolic trigger for fat-free muscle growth in the human body. PERFORMANCE Drive hard toward your goals by maximizing your test levels… today! To become a sidewalk crack'n KING OF THE GYM! Elevated anabolic and androgenic profiles in the human body have been directly related to increased recovery, muscle mass, and strength.