Opto XCEL-2 Advanced Recovery
Category: Recovery
OPTO XCEL-2 is an advanced protein recovery supplement to refuel your body following intense training. The Rapid Absorption Cell Volumizer transports essential anabolic nutrients and re-saturates the blood with am Optimum 3:1 Ratio Fast and Slow Absorption Protein Matrix and Creatine Ethyl Ester, allowing the body to recover faster and accelerate anabolic growth while replenishing lost glycogen and promoting lean muscle mass. Loaded with 50 g of protein, essential amino acids, BCAA's from protein, L-Glutamine, creatine, amylocel, and more, all designed to rebuild your muscles stronger and better than before, getting you closer to your goal. Optimum Fast and Slow Absorbtion (3:1) Post-Training Protein Matrix: Whey protein isolate micro-filtered, whey protein concentrate, micellar protein, calcium caseinate protein and milk protein isolate is the ideal blend of fast and slow absorption protein is ideal for after training, providing an immediate and prolonged source of fuel for recovery, creating an ideal anabolic environment. In addition, roughly 10 g of BCAA's are derived from the Whey Protein Matrix. Essential Amino Acid Matrix: When food or protein powder is consumed it must be broken down into amino acids before being utilized, which can take hours. Amino acids are the purest and fastest absorbed building blocks the body can utilize. When combined with simple sugars, it can be rapidly transported into the blood in minutes. This is crucial to facilitate post-training recovery. L-Glutamine Matrix: Glutamine peptide and L-Glutamine increases intramuscular stores of glutamine, increases the cell volume of the muscle, increases muscle protein synthesis, as well as decrease degradation of muscle protein. Glutamine may also increase plasma growth hormone levels as well. Rapid Absorbtion Cell Volumizer Matrix: Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate. Ethyl esterification means a greater uptake into skeletal muscle, enhanced bioavailability and reduced side effects like gastric discomfort typical with creatine monohydrate. Taurine expands your cells by helping the muscle cell itself hold more water, increasing cell volume. For a lifter or bodybuilder, this is significant because expanded muscle cells can boost hydration resulting in a higher rate of protein synthesis and bodybuilders will appreciate the increased appearance of muscle fullness. Amylocel is a high-molecular-weight rapidly absorbed carbohydrate which moves through the stomach 80% faster than dextrose or maltodextrin, spiking insulin levels to the same degree as glucose; critical in transporting nutrients into the blood cells of thirsty trained muscles rapidly.