Lean Gain
Brand: Horleys
Category: Mass Gainers
Lean Gain Readily absorbable complete nutrition, with low GI carbs and protein for muscle repair and growth. BEST FOR: those who want to build muscle but struggle to gain weight; sports people who expend large amounts of energy & don’t have time to recover with full meals, e.g. triathlon, rowing, cycling, running, multi-sport, etc., or physically demanding jobs; underweight men, women and teens, and to support people who are recovering from illness or trauma, or have poor appetite, to fulfill daily nutritional requirements. Lean GAIN is specially formulated with the readily absorbed low GI carbohydrates and high quality proteins required for lean muscle growth. It’s nutrient rich with added ingredients for faster results and optimum body functions. 37% whey protein A source of low GI carbohydrates - low GI Boosted with 4600mg Glutamine & Leucine, MCTs and Magnesium