Brand: Horleys
Category: Weight Loss
Bioburn Fat loss without the hunger, mental focus without the jitters. All natural. BEST FOR: supporting fat loss diet and exercise programmes, appetite management and mental focus. Ultra-thermogenic, all-natural fat-loss powder with highly bioavailable ingredients for efficient absorption, and caffeine from three sources to assist appetite management, enhance sustained energy levels and provide mental focus without the jitters or a crash. Sweetened with stevia, and erythritol – not just a zero calorie sweetener but also may have a strong antioxidant effect to protect your vascular health. Highly bioavailable: do not consume after 4pm. Promote fat oxidation Increase metabolic rate Enhance mental focus Boost energy levels Caffeine from Green Tea, Coffee and Guarana Zero artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners Full Ingredient Disclosure Gluten & Lactose Free