Amino XL
Brand: Horleys
Category: Recovery
AminoXL Optimum 4:1:1 ratio of BCAAs for fast muscle recovery, repair and growth. BEST FOR: optimising muscle mass gains, muscle recovery and repair to support intensive resistance training programmes and prevent muscle tissue breakdown. Anti-catabolic amino matrix designed to support fast, efficient muscle recovery, repair and growth: AminoXL contains free-form branch chain and pure essential amino acids, providing you the key components of protein already broken down for the fastest possible absorption into your muscles. AminoXL also assists recovery and immune support via a 5g dose of glutamine. Glutamine’s anti-catabolic functions prevent tissue breakdown, optimising your anabolic response to maximise muscle mass gains. Carnitine and citrulline support cellular energy production pathways and help your muscles to work harder and beat fatigue. Pre-Workout Muscle Recovery & Repair Muscle mass gains/growth Enhanced protein synthesis All 9 essential amino acids (7780mg/serve) Glutamine Carnitine & Citrulline Gluten Free