Brand: MuscleTech
Category: Mass Gainers
Muscletech Mass-Tech is a delicious, high protein weight gainer, that contains a precise blend of muscle building protein, energy providing carb’s, and healthy fats, designed to help you pack on muscle. The macro-nutrient profile in Muscletech Mass-Tech is formulated for athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to build muscle and increase strength, without adding excess body fat to their physiques. Muscletech Mass-Tech features: Weight-gain protein formula Muscle growth / build muscle Strength gains Essential nutrients Ideal for hard-gainers and ectomorphs Increase protein synthesis Clean carbohydrates Mass-Tech is engineered to promote rapid weight gain by spiking of the body’s most potent anabolic hormones, Insulin, this hormone forces vital muscle building nutrients directly into your muscles, delivering you the kind of results you can not often achieve with other weight-gain supplements.