Giant Pump
Category: Pre-Workout
GIANT PUMP® – THE CHOICE OF EDUCATED ATHLETES FOR A STIMULANT-FREE, INSTANT PUMP INDUCER & TRAINING ENHANCER Induce Rapid & Massive Pumps Every Time You Train Increase Muscle Volume, Strength & Endurance Zero Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners 100% Open Label, No “Proprietary Blends” & No Banned Substances Giant PUMP® is a powerful and stimulant free formulation designed to optimize blood plasma volume and oxygenation rates by increasing vasodilation and pump with NO3-T® (glutamine nitrate) and ingredient protected by multiple United States & international patents. Giant PUMP also helps to volumize muscle tissue and increase lean body mass with HydroMax® (powdered glycerol 65%) making this product an ideal solution strength, endurance and physique athletes looking for a fast acting and consistent edge. Giant PUMP induces mind boggling pumps and increased muscle power fast the first time you use it and every time you use it. Giant PUMP contains no absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners thus providing the user with “natural and pure taste” experience that educated consumers demand. With a fully transparent and “non-proprietary dosed” label, Giant PUMP is available in two mouth-watering flavors – Red Raspberry and Tropical Punch – as well as unflavored so you easily can stack directly into your favorite pre-workout product.*