Essentials BCAA
Brand: GAT Sport
Category: Recovery
FAST, EFFECTIVE SUPPORT OF LEAN MUSCLE-BUILDING & RECOVERY* GAT BCAAs capsules contain all three branched-chain amino acids — leucine, valine and isoleucine — in free-form and a 1.6:1.4:1 ratio. The free form (not protein bound) supports rapid absorption and delivery to your muscles.* Plus, we’ve added co-factors to support your metabolism.* Our capsules are tested to ensure that they meet or exceed United States Pharmacopeia guidelines for dissolution (i.e. release of ingredients). The BCAAs play important roles in muscle energy metabolism, recovery (from exercise) and the regulation of muscle protein synthesis.* Supplementation with BCAAs stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which helps muscle tissue build and recover.* With added co-factors to support metabolism.* Stimulate Protein Synthesis Boost your body’s immune system Reduce Muscle Breakdown Improve Endurance