Delicious Protein
Category: Protein Powders
A High dose Protein With Incredible Taste! Giant Sports Products just stepped up and changed the Sports Nutrition game forever with what is destined to immediately become the new standard for taste & texture in protein powder supplements. From your very first taste, we’re sure you’ll completely agree there has never been a protein powder - or any other Sports Nutrition product - with the amazingly rich and deeply satisfying flavor unique to only Giant Sports Delicious Protein. With the macronutrient profile of a TRUE PROTEIN POWDER and not something “labeled” as a protein powder that is really more like a sugar and fat laden Meal Replacement Power, each scoop of Giant Sports Delicious Protein contains: - 27 grams protein - Only 4 grams of carbohydrate - Only 2.2g of fat - A five-stage blended protein formula optimized for timed nitrogen dispersion, continual muscle feeding and body recomposition - No added sugars and no maltodextrin - Is enhanced with added BCAA’s to heightened lean muscle development and optimize recovery time The perfect protein supplement for men and women alike, for anyone looking for a pre-workout or post-workout protein supplement, a dieting aid or just as a delicious and nutritious “snack between meals” - Giant Sports Delicious Protein offers nutrition solutions for virtually everybody regardless of their physique and athletic goals. This product will rapidly become the pre-eminent choice of those who rely heavily on protein powders for any reason because of it’s unparalleled taste and stellar macronutrient profile. - 6 stage protein blended formula for optimized, timed nitrogen retention and continual muscle remodeling - No added sugars in order to help mainimize cellulite disposition and visceral fat storage - Enhanced with added BCAA's for heightened muscle development - Contains Giant Pro Enzyme Complex - Giant Sports proprietary proteolytic enzyme formula for great digestion and reduction of bloating and cramping - A good source of calcium