CreXcel Creatine Mitofuel
Category: Creatine
CreXcel [ kree-EX-sell ] – noun: Mitochondrial creatine superfuel. Amplifies stored cellular energy capacity & maximizes ATP generation efficiency for unmatched gains in strength, power & muscle recovery. Redefining Muscle Power! Saturates cellular creatine levels for optimal phospho-creatine ATP generation Fuels the Citric Acid Cycle with novel KrebsPower™ mineral cofactor substrate complex Supports mitochondrial efficiency with Water-Soluble Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) complex Boosts cellular Coenzyme Q10 levels over 100% with Q-Xcel™ Shilajit extract Increases muscular stamina & performance capacity with R2•Rev™ Rhodiola rosea extract Elevates muscle power, strength and recovery