Super HD (Powder)
Brand: Cellucor
Cellucor Super HD is a cutting edge fat loss product expertly formulated by Cellucor to deliver results. Since the product’s launch, Super HD has exploded onto the scene, receiving incredible reviews, and for good reason. This cutting edge thermogenic powder combines fat-burning ingredients as well as potent nootropic compounds to support both a fantastic boost to your energy and focus, as well as improved fat burning. Through the use of renowned fat loss ingredients, Super HD supports greater fat loss through thermogenesis, as well as promoting greater breakdown of fat for fuel via lipolysis. The combination of these pathways, combined with the ability of Super HD to keep your feeling energised through your workouts makes it a potent product with a lot to offer! Features: •Increase Energy and Focus •Promote Appetite Control •Support Fat Metabolism •Formulated for Faster Absorption