True-Mass 1200
Brand: BSN
Category: Mass Gainers
BSN True-Mass 1200 is an ultra premium lean muscle gainer, designed for athletes and hard-gainers with higher metabolic rates, to provide extra caloric support necessary to gain lean muscle mass. BSN True-mass is a convenient multi functional a.m to p.m protein blend that can feed muscles for a long duration of time, with a blend of complex carbohydrates to fuel your muscular frame with useable energy and EFA’s to support your healthy heart and hormone functioning. BSN TrueMass 1200 features: Build Lean Muscle 6 Different Protein Blends Prevent Muscle Breakdown Added Glutamine for Recovery BCAA’s for positive nitrogen balance Meal Alternative Good source of Fiber Aspartame Free To maximise the protein utilisation in BSN True-mass a unique blend of digestive enzymes have been added, papain and bromelain, so your muscles get the most out of BSN True-mass with left nothing to waste.