Hyper FX
Brand: BSN
Category: Pre-Workout
BSN Hyper-FX is the world’s first effervescent extreme concentrated energy and power amplifier of its kind. The all new energy based pre-workout compound BSN Hyper FX is designed to deliver with it's Neuropower composite to promote powerful mental focus & training intensity. Hyper FX is used and endorsed by Rich Froning the 2011 and 2012 CrossFit Games champion – fittest man on earth. BSN Hyper-FX features: World’s first effervescent concentrated pre-training formula Increase training energy, focus and mental alertness Anaerobic working capacity for muscle tissue Suitable for all types of training including CrossFit, bootcamp and hitting the gym Power for every workout Geranium free intense pre-training energy Fat-burning support Delay muscle fatigue BSN Hyper-FX contains: Efficacious 10.8-gram serving size – only 1 scoop needed per serving Inclusion of D-Aspartic acid and magnesium oxide 500 IU of Vitamin D per serving CarnoSyn and Betaine for power and endurance support Hydrogen Ion (H+) buffering This pre-workout certain to deliver with its Neuro Power Composite to help support powerful mental focus and training intensity, getting you in the zone and keeping you there by supporting a second-to-none mind-muscle connection. BSN Hyper-FX combines CarnoSyn® and betaine with PEAK ATP®, which helps support the anaerobic working capacity of muscle tissue as well as strength, power and endurance, all the while further supporting the resistance to muscular fatigue without the inclusion of creatine. Efficacious doses of novel ingredients such as Vitamin D, D-Aspartic Acid and Magnesium Oxide are included in the Shock Force Spectrum to support growing muscles and promote serious training aggression and intensity.