Best Protein
Brand: BPI Sports
Category: Protein Powders
BPI Sports Best Protein is the perfect blend of high-quality 100% whey proteins, to form the best tasting, best formulated and best overall value in its category. Best Protein BEST contains only the highest quality whey proteins made with a natural, cold temperature, microfiltration process. This results in a very high protein content with very little unwanted fats, or lactose. This differs from other cheaper processes, such as Ion Exchange, that use harsh chemicals that can reduce important micronutrients and denature the protein. BPI Sports Best Protein features: Contains only the finest flavoring components, delivering the absolute best gourmet, mouthwatering flavors available anywhere. It mixes easily, and tastes incredible. The Best Combination of "Quality and Value" High-quality 100% whey proteins Helps build lean muscle Promotes muscle recovery 24g of protein per scoop 5.5g of naturally ocurring BCAA's Zero trans fats